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Ral projected the thought out from within himself.

Ral's people had long ago dispensed with the need

for vocal speech or any of the other requirements

of a mouth or vocal cords.Hence, his tight-lipped

and stony expression."Our purpose here today is to

examine the on-going socio-historic research

involving the Control Groups transplanted from

Earth to the experimentation platform designated as Threa."

- Xclatru Ral "A GAME OF GODS

“By all that is sacred enough with the

subservience Jon!” The woman

snapped. “My name is Myrnran Gaia,

and long ago, I was very much like you.”

 The woman looked directly at me.

“If you want to call me something

respectful, you can call me Mother.”

“Mother,” I whispered. “Yes, that will do even though I am no longer either man or woman. I am all around you, Warden. I am all that you see. I am everything you hear and feel,"

Myrnran Gaia "A GAME OF GODS"


Tremendous great service!! I can’t believe how polished and

beautiful the final product of my book was. Sean is amazing

and talented at what he does, I truly recommend him for

creative writing, editing and proofreading. He is not just

talented in editing but in the graphics department too. 

He knew exactly the best-fit cover would work for my book.

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent

honest, reasonable editor

and/or graphic designer.

Zander Jensen Rabel

–Author of Living Supernatural

Journeys of a Wandering Mage

Sean offered an editing and proofreading package, which
was completed within ten days. My manuscript was polished
and formatted ready for both paperback and kindle versions.
We had regular contact, with four review stages. Sean was
professional and sensitive in his feedback and only made
the changes we discussed. I also instructed Sean on a
design for my book cover,
which he completed to my
satisfaction within two days.
After editing my manuscript, I believe he had insight into my
wishes and, once again, worked openly and in collaboration
with me. I highly recommend Sean’s services, which are
priced at a reasonable cost for Indie authors.
- Cathryn Mahoney
Author of Oon'ch-illia The Secret Human Life of an Ancient Star Woman


A World Where Everything You Wanted to Believe is Real

“Sean Michael Paquet starts off the ground running with his prelude. He sucked me into another world, and with his descriptive analogy, I was able to visualize his creative world.”

Amazon Five Star Review:  Kenya Afolabi, founder of authorsonline.in.

The Jarl's Shadow

Blessed be the Balance

"There is nothing to dislike about this authors writing. If you like fantasy/ fiction this author takes you into his worlds. He did not disappoint with his 2nd book!!!"

Amazon Five Star Review

Conversations With my Demons

Reading as many books as I have over the years this is the first review I'm giving. If you are interested in learning occult knowledge and secrets I highly recommend this book . Angela is not just telling you her theories rather she has received the information through channeling the entities themselves. A very interesting read that I highly recommend it.

Amazon Five Star Review



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