• Surrender

    What is the very backbone of Spiritual Awakening?

    Surrender of the self..

    It is accepting all that there is about yourself that you hate and that you love.

    It is embracing all of the pain and hurt and sorrow and then...
    Letting it go.

    For it is only when we let go of all that we hide, and deny, and cover up within ourselves that we become self-aware.
    This surrender is not about giving up or accepting that you lost a battle.

    This surrender is accepting that You as You will NEVER win AGAINST YOU, and you must let go of YOU in order to find YOURSELF!

    Your higher self.

    Until you surrender and let go, you will never find it.

  • Conversation With a Reader

    Hello Everyone!
    So I had an interesting conversation with a reader.
    Reader "What religion do you follow?"
    Me: "All of them."
    Reader: "No, seriously. DO you follow Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism or some form of Heathenism."
    Me: "Yes. All of them."
    Reader: "OK, but what is your faith placed in? Buddha, Jesus Christ? Allah? Vishnu?"
    Me: If you are asking the exact personification of Light I follow then it would be Jesus Christ. I surrendered my heart to him long ago."
    Reader: "Aha so you are a Christian!"
    Me: "No. I said I follow Jesus Christ. That does not make me a Christian. Christianity is a religion. Jesus Christ is the Physical Personification of the Light of God. He is the Son aspect of the Holy Trinity responsible for all of Creation."
    Reader: "But how can you say you follow Jesus Christ and not be a Christian?"
    (I can tell the reader is getting a bit frustrated by now.)
    Me: "Because religion is a contrivance of humanity in order to better understand Powers beyond their comprehension. I do not follow a specific religion because I consider religion to be a two-edged sword. Just like many things created by man."
    Reader: "I see. So you follow Jesus Christ. How can you claim to do that and still follow his teaching that he is The One and Only True Son of God?"
    (I am starting to feel a baiting going on here.)
    "That is a good question. First of all I follow Jesus Christ because in my heart He has saved me over and over again from some very terrible things in my life. Secondly, I do not follow other religions and other deities in the pursuit of worship. I seek knowledge and wisdom from the teachings of all higher forms of consciousness. I have read the Bible from beginning to end many times and never once did I read that I cannot pursue knowledge and wisdom. What the bible says is not to worship any other God. I do not."
    Reader: "So you do worship Jesus Christ and God and The Holy Spirit?"
    Me: "Of course, but be reminded that the Holy Spirit isn't actually worshiped per say. The Holy Spirit is the personification of Higher Consciousness within the Holy Trinity. A such it is something you call upon and commune with."
    Reader: "You are a really deep person and I still do not understand!"
    Me: "Neither do I. Shall we walk together more Traveler? Perhaps we can try to understand together."

  • Do You Believe?

    So a reader asked me this morning "Do you actually believe in the stuff you write about?"

    Good question.

    Yes I believe in metaphysics. Yes I believe there are uniquely gifted people in this world. Yes I believe in a higher state of consciousness and self awareness. I have seen a lot of very weird and unusual things in my life, and I have encountered people who have capabilities and talents that defy an explanation based on common human knowledge.

    However, the real key to being a writer is not whether I believe something or not. The real key is that you as the reader believe it. If my world is believable to you then I did my job well as a writer.

    I believe in all sorts of things that I still haven't written about. Things that will need to be written as science fiction or fantasy.

    How I write my work is in the sense that the story is a probability within a realm of endless possibilities.

    Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am somewhere in between. That is irrelevant. What is relevant is that you as the reader identify with the probability that I have presented to you.

    Blessed be the Balance!

  • Broken in Silence

    Oh quiet Child
    Full of silent pain.
    How your tears collide
    With the ground like rain.
    Such a hidden voice,
    Inprisoned by your chain.
    Silent by your choice,
    Broken again and again.
    The thousand times I held you
    To keep the pain at bay,
    And the thousand times that you
    Kept pushing me away.
    All the talks we had
    Where I gave all I had to give,
    Served only to make me sad;
    Because you do not really live.
    You choose to be silent,
    And you choose to deny.
    You pretend to be content,
    And you choose to lie.
    You choose to compliment,
    And give that false smile;
    But I see inside
    And I did the whole while.
    You know I know what you hide
    Under warpaint and guile.
    I still see that quiet broken girl
    Deep in my dream.
    No matter what illusion you unfurl,
    You are not what you seem.
    I still try to hold you,
    And still you run away;
    But I know that what is true is true.
    Destiny will have its way.
    You cannot hide from the you that is you,
    And for me...I shall write and pray.

    - Hypheròs.

  • Accumulated Musings

    I implore thee to heed these words.
    No man or woman
    Has respect by right.
    Whether you be
    Black Knight,
    Red Queen,
    Or King in White.
    Whether you have gold,
    Or status of a certain height.
    Even those of fame,
    Are all the same in my sight.
    Respect is a priviledge earned.
    It is not a right.

    - Hypheròs

    People do not remain in your life
    Because they need you.
    Eventually, even your children
    Will no longer need you.
    People remain with you,
    Because they choose to.
    We are all choices.
    If you want someone
    To choose to stay with you,
    Give them reasons to make
    That choice.

    - Hypheròs

    When a warrior realizes
    That even though
    He won the war,
    He still lost.
    That warrior
    Suddenly feels very small.

    - Hypheròs

    Have you ever thought about garbage?

    No seriously.

    Some garbage is biodegradable and disappears back into base compounds after a short time.

    Other garbage is very resiliant and can even be toxic once it starts breaking down.

    Some of it is actually recycleable and can be put to further or better uses.

    In some cases garbage can be used to fertilize and cultivate.

    I think of things like social media, the internet, and other media outlets like garbage.

    Think about that for a minute.

    Light your candles.
    Be lights in the Darkness.
    One candle is a spark.
    One thousand candles are a beacon.
    One million candles send a message.

    - Hypheròs

    Showing fear is showing weakness.
    Feeling fear is part of intelligence.
    Using fear to fuel courage is part of wisdom.

    - Hypheròs

    A pile of dung
    Covered in gold and perfume
    Is still a pile of dung.
    A venemous mouth
    With a silver tongue
    Is still poison.
    Evil thoughts
    Behind a beautiful face
    Are evil just the same.

    - Hypheròs.

    Those who piss in the pot of gold you handed them.
    Should only blame themselves when it is taken away.

    - Hypheròs.


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