Accumulated Musings

    I implore thee to heed these words.
    No man or woman
    Has respect by right.
    Whether you be
    Black Knight,
    Red Queen,
    Or King in White.
    Whether you have gold,
    Or status of a certain height.
    Even those of fame,
    Are all the same in my sight.
    Respect is a priviledge earned.
    It is not a right.

    - Hypheròs

    People do not remain in your life
    Because they need you.
    Eventually, even your children
    Will no longer need you.
    People remain with you,
    Because they choose to.
    We are all choices.
    If you want someone
    To choose to stay with you,
    Give them reasons to make
    That choice.

    - Hypheròs

    When a warrior realizes
    That even though
    He won the war,
    He still lost.
    That warrior
    Suddenly feels very small.

    - Hypheròs

    Have you ever thought about garbage?

    No seriously.

    Some garbage is biodegradable and disappears back into base compounds after a short time.

    Other garbage is very resiliant and can even be toxic once it starts breaking down.

    Some of it is actually recycleable and can be put to further or better uses.

    In some cases garbage can be used to fertilize and cultivate.

    I think of things like social media, the internet, and other media outlets like garbage.

    Think about that for a minute.

    Light your candles.
    Be lights in the Darkness.
    One candle is a spark.
    One thousand candles are a beacon.
    One million candles send a message.

    - Hypheròs

    Showing fear is showing weakness.
    Feeling fear is part of intelligence.
    Using fear to fuel courage is part of wisdom.

    - Hypheròs

    A pile of dung
    Covered in gold and perfume
    Is still a pile of dung.
    A venemous mouth
    With a silver tongue
    Is still poison.
    Evil thoughts
    Behind a beautiful face
    Are evil just the same.

    - Hypheròs.

    Those who piss in the pot of gold you handed them.
    Should only blame themselves when it is taken away.

    - Hypheròs.



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