Broken in Silence

    Oh quiet Child
    Full of silent pain.
    How your tears collide
    With the ground like rain.
    Such a hidden voice,
    Inprisoned by your chain.
    Silent by your choice,
    Broken again and again.
    The thousand times I held you
    To keep the pain at bay,
    And the thousand times that you
    Kept pushing me away.
    All the talks we had
    Where I gave all I had to give,
    Served only to make me sad;
    Because you do not really live.
    You choose to be silent,
    And you choose to deny.
    You pretend to be content,
    And you choose to lie.
    You choose to compliment,
    And give that false smile;
    But I see inside
    And I did the whole while.
    You know I know what you hide
    Under warpaint and guile.
    I still see that quiet broken girl
    Deep in my dream.
    No matter what illusion you unfurl,
    You are not what you seem.
    I still try to hold you,
    And still you run away;
    But I know that what is true is true.
    Destiny will have its way.
    You cannot hide from the you that is you,
    And for me...I shall write and pray.

    - Hypheròs.


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