Do You Believe?

    So a reader asked me this morning "Do you actually believe in the stuff you write about?"

    Good question.

    Yes I believe in metaphysics. Yes I believe there are uniquely gifted people in this world. Yes I believe in a higher state of consciousness and self awareness. I have seen a lot of very weird and unusual things in my life, and I have encountered people who have capabilities and talents that defy an explanation based on common human knowledge.

    However, the real key to being a writer is not whether I believe something or not. The real key is that you as the reader believe it. If my world is believable to you then I did my job well as a writer.

    I believe in all sorts of things that I still haven't written about. Things that will need to be written as science fiction or fantasy.

    How I write my work is in the sense that the story is a probability within a realm of endless possibilities.

    Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am somewhere in between. That is irrelevant. What is relevant is that you as the reader identify with the probability that I have presented to you.

    Blessed be the Balance!


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