Heart has No Need

    The Heart
    Is a poor pupil
    For it does not think
    Emotion is its fuel
    Blood is its drink.
    It is Destined to fail
    Until we start to think.
    Thoughts set minds to sail
    While hearts will only sink.
    Hearts do not learn
    They have no reasons.
    Only the mind does yearn
    For the sense of dark seasons.
    Hearts do not win,
    Because they cannot.
    They simply look at whats been,
    And the damage they wrought.
    If the heart leads
    Then the battle is lost.
    While if the mind heeds
    And cause is worth cost,
    Then thoughts breed
    And we do what we must.
    For hearts have no need
    For what is right or just.

    - Hypheròs


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