• Heart has No Need

    The Heart
    Is a poor pupil
    For it does not think
    Emotion is its fuel
    Blood is its drink.
    It is Destined to fail
    Until we start to think.
    Thoughts set minds to sail
    While hearts will only sink.
    Hearts do not learn
    They have no reasons.
    Only the mind does yearn
    For the sense of dark seasons.
    Hearts do not win,
    Because they cannot.
    They simply look at whats been,
    And the damage they wrought.
    If the heart leads
    Then the battle is lost.
    While if the mind heeds
    And cause is worth cost,
    Then thoughts breed
    And we do what we must.
    For hearts have no need
    For what is right or just.

    - Hypheròs

  • Seek to Seek Not

    Seek not Wisdom from those who stand to gain from your ignorance.

    Seek knowledge not from loud voices,
    Or those with small minds.
    Seek it from the quiet ones,
    The ones standing back, waiting.

    Seek not experience from simply watching.
    Gain it from your own doing.

    Think not just the thoughts
    Of others and say “this is so.”
    Rather, cultivate your own thoughts,
    Within your fertile mind.

    Take no opinion at its face.
    Hear it...
    And then find your own truth.

    - Hypheròs

  • Sword and Pen

    Lay down your sword,
    And pick up your pen
    For it is with the word
    That we shall win.
    For the sword is finite,
    Only part of the plan.
    Words are infinite
    On those we shall stand.
    The sword is harsh and quick.
    It works upon this land.
    Wielded by the blind and the sick.
    Put aside your anger,
    And open your hand
    Heed the danger,
    And heal this land.
    But not as a stranger
    Take up your pen
    And write the words
    Only then will we win
    This war of worlds.

    - Hypheròs

  • Why God Feels...

    It is my belief that our capacity for emotion makes us unique in the Universe.

    It is why those from Outside find humans so intriguing.

    We know Man was created in the image of God.

    The complexity of our physical form attests to this.

    Thousands of writings validate this.

    I believe that God created the Universe so that hope became something tangible.

    Just as I believe humans were created so that God could experience the depth of something more valuable than infinite power.

    Among all things that live in the Universe,
    We are the most unique of God’s creations.
    Because we as humans exist...
    God feels...

  • Hypheros the Writer

    For it was in the ten thousandth year of the reign of the great city of Atlan that I sat at the feet of Thoth. For I was Hypheros the Writer, and I wrote all that Thoth said. It was Thoth who taught me both the way of the sword and the way of the pen. He allowed me a choice. In the end, I chose ink and pen. For that is Thoth, the creator of words and magic. Magic is words. Words are magic.

    - Hypheros

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