• Raging River

    For our minds are like a raging river

    Swirling in a flooded chaos

    That seems to go on forever

    An endless struggle of gain and loss

    Filled by random stream

    And Tributary

    Some polluted and some clean

    In the swirling madness, we carry

    All that has been

    And we continue to fight

    Over what’s been heard or seen

    Trying to find the light.

    Rains shall fall

    And storms shall rage

    Our rivers consume us all

    Until the end of our age

    Yet still within we make war

    Instead of letting go

    Seeking less and instead wanting more

    We must let the river flow

    The vile streams shall go dry

    If we allow them not to grow

    All we need is to try

    To understand, not just to know

    Form your own Rivers

    Within your minds

    For well-channeled water delivers,

    While chaotic water blinds.

    - Hypheròs

  • The Mandate of Thoth

    For I am Hypheros.

    First of the Scribes of Thoth.

    In the course of my duties
    I sat daily at his feet, and wrote all of his words.
    I listened as magic flowed from his mind and became words.
    As he spoke I wrote.
    I wrote about many things, and in many ways.
    For Thoth was great in his knowledge and experience.
    Thoth was the master of The Balance and knew that the legacy of words would be a gift mankind would cherish for all time.
    For so he told me,
    "in life there must always be The Balance. Life and Death.
    Dark and Light.
    Right and Wrong.
    How will many know of such things unless they are written down?"
    Heed my words Hypheros the Writer.
    Write them all down and make them last far beyond this age.
    For it is now that all speak one voice and write one language.
    Many will read your words and understand.
    I foresee that one day this oneness of Man will be lost,
    Only to be found again many lifetimes from now.
    Always you will write.
    Always you will tell the story of your life and the stories of the gods themselves.
    For this is your purpose Writer.
    You will write the stories of those who have no voice.
    You will write the histories of the Kingdoms Behind the Air.
    Your words will be a beacon.
    They will send a message again to the many.
    Do not squander the gifts you have been given.
    For I am Thoth and I have Spoken."

    - Hypheros

  • They Are False

    Take care to those who invoke the many names of God while at the same time cutting the strings of your purse.

    Be mindful of the ones who speak in the name of this holy one or that deified being, and in the back of their minds they speak only for themselves.

    Be aware of false prophets, and those who bear false witness in the name of the Creator.

    You will know them by this:

    If their words speak love, but deliver hatred they are false.

    If they demand coin in return for the words they speak in the name of their god. They are false.

    If they speak with selfish agenda’s and in self righteous tones. They are false.

    If war is their way of spreading the words of their god. They are false.

    If they seek to decieve one in order to turn him against another. They are false.

    If they desire power over men. They are false.

    If their behavior and actions behind closed doors do not reflect what they show all men. They are false.

    Heed all words that are written or spoken.

    Learn to discern the right from the wrong.

    Not all words are written by the righteous, and not all speech is favorable.

    - Hypheròs

  • Eternal Tomorrow

    With Stardust Blade
    And the Compass of Truth.
    I embarked as I was bade
    To slay the Promise of Eternal Youth.
    You asked for time
    And begged for immortality
    You commited a crime
    And lost your soul for eternity.
    Yes you lost pain
    And no longer feel sorrow
    But what did you gain
    Only Eternal Tommorrow?
    And I asked for guidance
    And truly I prayed
    For I could no longer have silence
    In the world I had made
    I could have remained blind
    And simply walked away
    But then how would you find
    The Truth and the Way?
    And so in a snap
    I took up my sword
    And brought forth the map
    To the Dark World
    For I quested forth
    To see you unraveled
    So you could see the worth
    Of the road less traveled.
    For yes you lost sorrow
    And yes you feel no pain
    And yes you gained Eternal Tomorrow
    But you can never love again.
    For the Truth lies not
    In living again and again
    The Truth is in both living and dying
    Such is Man’s Plan
    And I will find you
    I will set you free
    From the Darkness that enslaves you
    But I do it not for me.
    I quest to save You, the Real
    Long ago lost
    Because I am human and feel
    This I must do at all cost.

    - Hypheròs

  • Through soulless mirrors

    Child of darkness
    Am I what you need?
    That with razor sharpness
    You take and you feed.
    Does it give you power
    To watch me bleed
    Hour after hour?
    Oh you without fuel
    Are my words
    Now your renewal?
    Through soulless mirrors
    You gazed at me
    I wanted your tears
    You wanted to be free
    All of the wounding
    And all of that pain
    I cried for you sending
    Me away once again
    So I weep for me and for you
    I love for us both
    For you cannot its true
    For you lost your way
    And now can only feed
    The only emotion you portray
    Is a hungering need
    You laugh and it kills
    With words left unsaid
    And the silence fills
    With agony and dread
    Take all of my power,
    Take all of me.
    Now is the hour
    For you to be free.
    For slice my heart open,
    And bleed it dry.
    At least words will be spoken,
    And at last you will cry
    For death has no sting,
    And fear has no power
    Over a life freely given
    To save you this hour.

    - Hypheròs

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